Behind the Calculator: April

After what has felt like the longest greyest Winter we had a week of sun, where it felt like we’d just jumped straight over Spring and into Summer. Although we’re now back to more normal Spring-like weather, the sun made a huge difference to my mood and it was so nice to not be completely drenched each day!

Behind the Calculator: March

Although you wouldn’t think it to look at the weather, Spring has sprung. The majority of my clients have their year end as the end of March, so this time of year is generally pretty busy and filled with looking back at the previous year and planning what is to come.

Behind the Calculator: February

February gets a bit of a kicking from a lot of people, but it’s one of my favourite months. It’s not as dreary and cold as January, and Spring is just around the corner. It might be the shortest month, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t packed full of great meetings and great people. I had lots of interesting conversations and I’m heading into March feeling really excited about the future.

Behind the Calculator: January

I can often be found reading blogs, whether for business purposes or in my never-ending pursuit of the perfect eyeliner. My favourites are those where you really get to know the person behind the words, as well as learning new things, with Lenka Koppova and Rachel Extance both doing this very well. In fact, I enjoy Lenka’s “What I learnt this week” series so much I’ve been inspired to do my own version, so join me as we go behind the calculator!

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